Animal Totems

A totem is any animal, whether natural or mythical in nature, to whom you have a close affinity with in your lifetime or in some periods of your life. It is a spirit being whose energy speaks to you in a manner that is relevant to your unique personality or to your life’s circumstances.

Everyone has a spirit animal since there is always a totem that is connected to your spirit. According to Native American tradition, every individual is connected to 9 different animals that will keep him company throughout his lifetime in order to give him guidance in his life journey. However, the notion of animal themed water fountains is not restricted to Native American tradition since it is found throughout all culture types that span around the world.


Apart from being spirit animals, animal totems are also called power animals, animal guides and spirit guides. These animals come in and out of our lives depending on where we are going and what we need to do or achieve as we go on with our journey. Scarlet amacaw skulls were found in the anasazi ruins of Chaco Canyon, they were likely used colorful robes and Ancestral Puebloan headdresses.

Five Major Animal Totem Groups

Generally speaking, there are at least 5 major animal totem groups that have been identified:

1. Air Animal Totems. Animals that inhabit air, which is considered as the most ethereal of elements, are equipped with the capacity to lend the best understanding of their invisible ways. They are also symbols of strength (physical and mental) as well as sovereignty. Popular air animal totems include Falcons, Doves, Eagles and more.

2. Earth Animal Totems. These animals symbolize intuition, cognizance and awareness. This group also represents mental and physical stability as well as the state of being grounded. Popular animals that belong to this group include Cats (domestic), Dogs (domestic), Bears and more.

3. Reptile and Amphibian Totems. Animals belonging to this group are masters of sensory perception. They are super-intuitive and fiercely independent. Popular reptile and amphibian totems include Lizards, Crocodiles, Chameleons and more.

4. Water Animal Totems. Since water is an unknown quantity, understanding water animal totems will help us to understand some unknown elements in our lives. They help us reveal and discover our hidden actions or thoughts. Popular water animal totems include Dolphins, Hermit Crabs, Frogs and more.

5. Insect Totems. Insect animal totems bear these unique characteristics: patience, tenacity and detachment. They are progressive, proactive and have the natural capability of balancing the importance of minding one’s own business and keeping a strong sense of community. Popular insect totems include Bees, Cicadas, Grasshoppers and more.

Knowing Your Animal Totem

Some individuals may have always known from the very beginning the kind of animal totem that they possess. However, some find it difficult to identify what their animal totem is.

If you’re one of those who have always been wondering what animal totem represents your character, you can ask yourself the following questions to help you find out which animal totem is with you for life to be your main guardian spirit.

1. Do you feel yourself being drawn to figurines or paintings of a particular animal?
2. Did you have a recurring dream about a particular animal?
3. Do you have an unforgettable dream from your childhood about an animal?
4. Do you usually see a particular animal when you are out in nature?
5. Is there an animal that you find extremely scary or intriguing?
6. Is there a particular animal in the zoo that you are always interested to see?
7. Do you consistently see an appearance of a certain animal in your life, whether physically, figuratively or in tangible objects?
8. Is there an animal that you’ve always felt yourself drawn into and you can’t even explain why?

While it may be everyone’s goal to know what animal totem he has, it is important to note that we cannot choose our totem spirit. In fact, it is the animal totem that chooses us. It decides to whom it wants to reveal itself. Identifying our animal totem greatly involves the ability to pay attention to both our past and our present. It involves the process of developing our spiritual understanding and inner knowledge.

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