Animal Totems: Bear

The Bear as an animal totem or spirit animal  has been recognized as a powerful totem and has been worshipped throughout time. As a guide, it helps in bringing out the courage in anyone who needs to stand up against adversity.

If you’re seeking the teachings of the Bear, it means that your higher self is preparing to assume a leadership position. After all, the Bear teaches strength, focus and solitude.

Meaning Of The Bear

There are several meanings that are attributed to the Bear. If you have this animal as a totem, you will surely feel inspired after learning about these meanings.

1. The most important meaning of the Bear is strength and confidence.
2. The spirit of the Bear builds strong grounding forces.
3. The medicinal appeal of the Bear emphasizes the importance of rest, quiet time and solitude.
4. The spirit of the bear shows that it’s time to allow healing to take place or to use the Bear’s healing character to help yourself or others.
5. The Bear connotes standing against adversity.
6. The Bear also means taking action and leadership.

The Bear As Animal Totem

If you have the Bear as your animal totem, whether by birth or by choice, it means you have the natural aptitude, assurance and fortitude when assuming leadership roles. You growl at adversity and come to the rescue of anyone in your circle in times of need. There’s also the feeling of entering the field of medicine, whether main stream or holistic. This is because the Bear Spirit is recuperative and restorative.

Having the Bear as an animal totem also means that you should take care of the self. This is usually in the form of taking regular retreats as a way to refuel yourself.

One thing to remember as a caution is that Bear people are known for their hot tempers. If you have the Bear as your animal totem, remember to always be careful not to pounce on anyone or anything without a good reason. You should be able to use discernment as your ally.

The Bear As An Astrology And Zodiac Symbol

The Bear is one of the 12 zodiac signs in Native American astrology. People who are born under this sign think deeply about life and observe it with equal care. They treat each experience as a chance to learn something new or to understand the new things that life has to offer.

As a Native American zodiac sign, the Brown Bear has ties to other animals such as Snow Goose, Beaver and Turtle.


Bear Dreams

Dreaming about bears can have a huge variety of meanings with each one of them depending on the color, type and action that the animal takes along with its cultural context.

In Arab communities, seeing a bear in your dream signifies conflict with an energetic and powerful enemy. In China, it symbolizes the birth of a son. Additionally, the Bear also means potential danger in Europe.

On the whole, dreaming about the Bear in your sleep symbolizes a period in your life when you should reclaim your place and space in the world. You should be able to trust your instincts to take heed of what your heart is saying before you do something that is compulsive or even potentially dangerous.

The Bear Personality’s Career

Brown Bear people are excellent in performing career roles where logic plays an integral component. They are excellent teachers and analyzers.

In positions that require an assistant role, Bear people are loyal and tend to stick to given instructions like glue.

Employers can rely on Brown Bear people for their hardworking character and their ability to pay attention to detail, deliver timeliness performance and follow-through any type of tasks.

Some career positions that are suitable for Brown Bear would include technical writer, researcher, mathematician, financial adviser and several healing professions.

Symbolic And Character Meaning

Here is a quick word list to give an overview of the Bear’s symbolic and character meaning.

1. great strength
2. introspection
3. self-preservation
4. will power
5. courage
6. watcher
7. guardian of the world
8. sovereignty
9. power
10. healing
11. instinctive
12. industrious
13. peace
14. resurrection
15. benevolence
16. motherhood
17. duality
18. humor
19. playfulness
20. masculinity


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