Animal Totems: Cougar

The Cougar is deemed as the largest cat in North America. Not only are they known as excellent hunters but they are also territorial and solitary. They have the ability to sit and wait patiently for hours as they watch their prey, getting themselves ready for an attack. 

The Cougar carries several names which vary depending on the region where it lives. In the U.S. southwest states up to the Sierra Nevada, the Cougar is usually called the Puma. It is called the Florida Panther in Florida and some of the other U.S. southern states.

Cougars belong to the same species of cat where other big cats such as Panther, Mountain Lion and Puma are distinctly classified. Their most recognizable trademark is the white coloring found under their nose as well as their very long tail. One of their most impressive skills is their ability to jump at a distance of 40 feet and their ability to leap by up to 20 feet in height.

Meaning Of The Cougar

The meaning of the Cougar as an animal totem is highlighted by the animal’s natural instinct of  guarding and protecting those that are precious in his life. Reality tells us that in life, we should be ready for people who will do whatever they can to get what we have through various means which can really be shocking. In short, you have to be prepared in dealing with these kinds of people.

Likewise, your Cougar animal totem reminds you of your power and strength that you can use to face all of these situations. You should be able to learn how to respect your own capabilities and strength.

Bear in mind that whatever you have achieved, you didn’t achieve it by mere chance. There were a lot of rejections, heartbreaks and disappointments that you met along the way. You also acknowledge the fact that you’ve committed so many mistakes. All of these are responsible for the type of person that you are today, wise and powerful.

The Cougar As Animal Totem

If Cougar is your animal totem, you are highly likely a natural leader. You lead by example and you walk your talk. Setting boundaries is one of your greatest skills and you make it very clear with people once you felt these boundaries are crossed. When you feel happy and satisfied, you purr openly in such a way that it can be heard by everyone around you. With your mastery of camouflage, you have the unique ability to be seen in one second and not seen in the next. Lastly, you have a roar that is feared by many. 

The Cougar As An Astrology And Zodiac Symbol

According to Native American horoscope, the Cougar is determined, spontaneous, graceful and swift. People who are born under this sign make great leaders and are ambitious, courageous and determined to succeed. They are in constant search of their purpose in life and are keen on being dominant in what they do best.



Cougar Dreams

Dreaming about a Cougar can have various meanings depending on what the Cougar appears to be doing in the dream. If the cougar is on the prowl, it may be conveying messages of passion and sexuality. It could also mean that you’re successfully hunting down your goals to reach their completion. If you see that the Cougar is asleep or it’s taking a rest, it could mean that you have elegance and personal strength. It also signifies that you are well-respected by your peers. Another interpretation is that you have successfully reached your goals which means you can now relax a bit before you start taking new challenges. If the Cougar is traveling, it means that it is assessing the perimeter boundaries of its territory. Remember to let everyone know that you demand respect on your boundaries. Other meanings include presence of female hostility and intensity; implication of danger or life threatening situations; and danger to your well-being and social position.

The Cougar Personality’s Career

People who have the Cougar as their animal totem often pursue both personal and professional goals using solitary means. They make sure that their cards are kept close to the breast. They also strive to stay focused until the perfect opportunity presents itself.

While these individuals may be a little territorial, they only display such character toward those who seem to be in a power play. Moreover, Cougar people are always on the move, exploring new regions depending on the situation and needed resources.

Symbolic And Character Meaning

Here is a quick word list to give an overview of the Cougar’s symbolic and character meaning.

1. awareness
2. sensing danger
3. foresight
4. taking responsibility
5. courage
6. loyalty
7. leadership
8. sensory evaluation
9. spiritual warrior
10. decisiveness
11. clairvoyance
12. mother goddess
13. assertiveness
14. territorial
15. wanderlust
16. camouflage

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