Animal Totems: Deer

Seeing a deer in the wild often makes us feel breathless. We can’t help but admire its graceful features and delicate movements. Most deer, with their extremely shy and wary personality, would prefer to spend their time in small herds. They remain constantly aware of their surroundings while they nervously check on the grass and shrubs.

Meaning Of The Deer

The Deer, with its graceful form, has always been linked to the arts particularly music and poetry in ancient Celtic animal lore. Moreover, the Celts believed that Deer have a certain level of connection with fairies which would trail behind them as they walk through the forest.

Globally speaking, the Deer symbolizes tenderness that is tempered with strength. They also come as a playmate for the child in us to remind us about that time when even the smallest flower can make us smile and feel excited.

The Deer As Animal Totem

People who are born with Deer as their animal totem are known as the gentle giants of the spiritual world. They are very much aware of the value of life’s lessons and tend to appreciate those who have helped them both in good and bad times.

If you are born with a Deer animal totem, you never overlook a person’s trust and kindness. You are the type who likes doing everything possible to pay it forward. Each move you make is purely based on your instinct. Although you may need a longer time to make up your mind, you are always unstoppable once you’ve made a decision on taking an action.

Other characteristics that are unique to Deer people include being very inspiring, naturally observant peacemakers, able to see through the darkness, and able to provide help in guiding others to their safety or home.

The Deer As An Astrology And Zodiac Symbol

Deer is one of the 12 zodiac signs in Native American astrology. Deer people are those that are born between May 21s and June 20th. According to their zodiac, Deer people are strong and yet they are also gentle. The have the desperate desire for mankind to achieve unity. One unique trait of Deer people is that they are intimately alert. This is usually displayed when they stay awake at night because of a slight noise. If you have trouble at sleeping, the best thing you can do to calm yourself is by doing meditations which are focused on your heart beat and then combine it with deep breathing. 

Deer Dreams

Dreams which have Deer as their focal subject usually have feminine overtones. Dreaming about a Deer indicates that it’s time for you to reach out to the Goddess and allow yourself to see her within you. This way, you are able to integrate certain characteristics such as gentleness and compassion into your very soul while keeping your sacred self intact.

The Deer Personality’s Career

It is difficult to predict the behavior of a Deer. Often, they would struggle to settle down as a result of their propensity to withdraw emotionally out of fear of getting hurt. Deer people are shy and demure. They are best known for their highly-strung and skittish behavior. They have deeply buried insecurities which make them display a coquettish behavior. They are also typically drawn to the entertainment industry as models and actors to seek a temporary refuge by hiding behind the mask of characters they are portraying.  

Notable careers and hobbies of people who have the Deer as their animal totem include aerobics, gymnastics, hiking, dancing, athlete, retail clerk, secretary, social worker, actor and dancer.

Symbolic And Character Meaning

Here is a quick word list to give an overview of the Deer’s symbolic and character meaning.

1. seller of adventure
2. innocence
3. gentleness
4. femininity
5. gracefulness
6. subtlety
7. kind
8. caring
9. gentle
10. intellectual
11. peace
12. compassion
13. watchfulness
14. benevolence
15. abundance
16. spirituality
17. creativity
18. regrowth
19. swiftness
20. humility
21. fertility
22. beauty
23. love

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