Animal Totems: Eagle

Seeing an Eagle soar to heights make them an inspiring messenger. As a powerful animal totem, the Eagle tells us the importance of looking closely at the smallest amount of details in order to view life from a wider perspective. When you meet this graceful hunter in your life, take it as a cue to start looking inward with a careful eye. Learn to allow your heart to guide you. Soon, you will notice that opportunities you never thought were possible will appear in your life at a time when you least expect it. People who are guided by the Eagle spirit animal keep their feet on the ground even when they have the ability to soar to great heights. They are also resilient and in full harmony with the spiritual nature of their lives. They are not afraid of the unknown and they accept life’s challenges with confidence, determination and courage.

Meaning Of The Eagle

The Eagle has always been associated with strength, wisdom and vision by the Native American tribes. Almost all religious and spiritual traditions uphold the belief that the Eagle is a symbol of hope and salvation. Historical facts suggest that cultures around the world have associated the energy of an Eagle with the commanding elements of sun and thunder. One notable example is Zeus who regarded the Eagle as a sacred animal. Zeus would often change into the form of an Eagle when he needed to control the lightning and thunder.

From the Biblical period up to the present, some of the world’s most powerful cultures and societies have adopted the image of an Eagle as a symbol of freedom and strength. Apart from the Native Americans, certain cultures have also associated the Eagle with a strong symbolism. These include the Egyptians, Romans, Hittites, Sumerians and Aztecs.

The Eagle As Animal Totem

People who are born with Eagle as their animal totem yearn to experience everything that they possibly can. They tend to spread their wings fully on every life’s endeavor yet they know how to keep their foot on the ground. Eagles fly higher as compared to any other bird. With that being said, Eagle people have the capacity to achieve success at a height that is incredibly astounding.

The Eagle As An Astrology And Zodiac Symbol

Based on the Native American zodiac, Eagles have an extraordinary vision. They are graceful and are very strong willed. People who have Eagle as their animal totem are great observers and have great creativity and intuition. They strive to bring things together and make them better using creative actions.

Eagle Dreams

Dreaming about Eagles can have a number of meanings. Seeing an Eagle in flight can mean that you need to take a different perspective on a situation that has eluded you. This type of dream can also be a message from the Universe that you should start paying closer attention to what your inner voice is telling you and start trusting it.


The Eagle Personality’s Career

Eagles thrive in outdoor jobs and enjoy working under the hot sun as a construction worker. They like piloting the friendly skies or working in a natural setting as a park ranger. Their proverbial legal character allows them to enjoy working as a detective, police and litigation officer. However, they don’t really adjust well to working in a confined place such as the office. Doing this kind of career can make them act unsettled and perform poorly. Work should therefore be creative and challenging in order for them to survive.

Eagle people are at their best when they are performing for others. They are in their happiest element when they are acting, singing or telling stories. At times however, their enthusiasm for life and “always on” character can be deemed as tiresome to their colleagues and families.

With an ability to fly so high and keep their foot on the ground at the same time, Eagle people are great at global thinking which make them potent teachers and leaders. In other words, those who have Eagle as their animal totem are brave, strong, insightful and creative.

Careers and hobbies that are suitable for Eagles include flying, skiing, extreme sports, rock climbing, performing, legal work, park ranger and pilot.

Symbolic And Character Meaning

Here is a quick word list to give an overview of the Eagle’s symbolic and character meaning.

1. risk-taker
2. freedom
3. creation
4. healing
5. illumination of spirit
6. courage
7. renewal
8. intelligence
9. connection to creator
10. sacrifice
11. divine spirit
12. determination
13. guardianship
14. masculinity
15. protection
16. opportunity
17. inspiration
18. liberation
19. judgment
20. authority
21. action
22. command
23. community
24. dominance
25. control
26. vision
27. power
28. ruler
29. focus
30. skill

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