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Fox Totems


Foxes are highly adaptable creatures who will move into urban surroundings when, their habitat is encroached on by humans. They maintain a territory, but it greatly decreases when they live in urban areas as opposed to hill country. Each territory is kept by one family group, which consists of a dog fox, vixen, and their cubs. If there is a good food supply than the family group can expand to include a few other adults. Nevertheless, only one vixen will produce cubs in the group. As for food, foxes are not too picky eating anything from earthworms, crabs, and fruit to small mammals. They bury the excess prey to eat when the food supply is short.

Fox's clever nature makes it a master of camouflage. When hunted by hounds, Fox will psyche them out by doubling back on its own trail, and run around in circles to break the scent. It has the amazing ability to meld into the background, allowing it to quietly observe the situation around them.

Fox comes to us when we need to slip out of a situation so we can be silent witness to what is really taking place behind the scenes. We need to use our cleverness to our advantage, but we must remember to be discreet. Fox asks us to carefully look at where we are coming from, so we can remember to approach things with a clear conscious.

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