Animal Totems: Hawk

Hawks are predatory animals and are known for their size and remarkably sharp claws. The female hawk is usually bigger than the male. They do their hunting during the day and use their fierce talons when tearing apart their prey.

Hawk is deemed as the messenger of the spirit world. It has the natural ability to soar high and reach the heavens very easily. Just like most other bird totems, the Hawk as a power animal is usually seen as a messenger that carries messages both from the spirit world and the unseen. When you meet a Hawk in your life, remember to be sensitive to the messages that it may be carrying. You should also be receptive to your own intuition.

The Hawk teaches us to be more aware of the situation and focus on our talents by finding a way to draw them out if you don’t have the knowledge on them just yet. Hawks strive to understand the past, present and future by seeing the big picture.

Meaning Of The Hawk

Hawks invite us to stay focused in our undertakings every day. When you feel the Hawk’s presence, remember to avoid distractions and simply focus on the task at hand.

Apart from its association with the number 14, Hawk is also associated with the tarot card known as Temperance. This card represents the teaching of certain higher expressions such as vision and psychic ability.

In the Native American culture, the Hawk simply represents as a messenger. Often times, a Hawk would show up in our life as a reminder for us to pay attention to the subtle messages that surround us as well as to the messages from the people we come into contact with. Since there are a lot of Hawk varieties, we should expect the messages to vary, thereby affecting all of our psyche levels.

While its symbolic meaning is rich and varied, its more unique characteristic is focus. This could be the reason why hawks are regular visitors to the life of humans.

The Hawk As Animal Totem

People who have the Hawk as their animal totem have very positive outlooks on life. They can see the best of what’s to come and they are anxious to share such words of hope with the people around them.

Having Hawk as your power animal means that your life will be filled with a lot of responsibility. This is because Hawk people want an overall view of life.

One notable trait that is shared by all Hawks is their ability to move between the realms of seen and unseen gracefully, joining the two worlds together. They have such a broad vision which can be attributed to man’s capacity of having prophetic insight.



The Hawk As An Astrology And Zodiac Symbol

As a symbol in Native American zodiac, the Hawk is a messenger of openness, adaptability and insight. People under the Hawk zodiac aim to always lead and take the initiative. At times, Hawk people can also be impulsive. They seek to establish a sense of individuality while striving to gain acceptance in a group.

Hawk Dreams

Seeing a Hawk in your dream symbolizes that it’s time for you to proceed with caution. It’s also a reminder that you may be missing on something that is unseen. Remember to pay close attention to what or whom the Hawk has turned his gaze on.

The Hawk Personality’s Career

Since the Hawk is an air-affiliated bird, people with Hawk personality are highly imaginative. At times, Hawks may be accused of frequently having their head in the clouds. This is because Hawks can be major dreamers. They are often the architects of new societies and builders of incredible things. Some common occupations of those who have the Hawk as their guide include artists, writers, inventers, teachers and engineers.

Symbolic And Character Meaning

Here is a quick word list to give an overview of the Hawk’s symbolic and character meaning.

1. guardianship
2. visionary power
3. cleansing
4. recollection
5. nobility
6. healing
7. victory
8. intuition
9. messenger
10. concentration
11. intelligence
12. teamwork
13. protection
14. attention
15. intensity
16. strategy
17. rebirth
18. energy

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