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Heron Totems


Herons stand silently in shallow water patiently studying fish, frogs, and crayfish movements. In one quick movement herons plunge their heads into the water and catch their prey. These birds will resolutely defend their feeding territories from other herons.

These birds are opportunist eaters who'll eat practically anything small enough to swallow. When nesting, herons create crude nests in trees out of sticks. If the nest doesn't collapse in winter, they'll reuse the same nest only making necessary repairs.

Heron's slow, deliberate manner produces a ceremonial aura and displays the harmonious natural flow of being ourselves. Heron teaches us how to become comfortable in uncertain situations where we need to watch for an opportunity to arise and quickly grasp it. It calls us to take courage and follow our true path, which will be discovered through exploring our inner selves, and finding what draws us to action.

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