Animal Totems: Raven

Raven people have great skills in clairvoyance. They can see real magic in all things. They also have a positive outlook on life which can be contagious. Most of all, they are in ceaseless quest for harmony.

Meaning Of The Raven

The Raven belongs to the Corvids family along with the crow and the magpie. It is symbolic of thought, mind and wisdom according to Norse legend. The latter deals with the story of a god named Odin who was accompanied by two Ravens known as Hugin and Odin. The former represented the power of thought while Odin represented the mind and its unique ability to intuit meaning instead of hunting for it.

Some people would link the Raven symbolism to certain superstition involving death and ill omen. Perhaps this negative symbolism came from their appearance on battlefields. Ravens are seen as scavengers and would often pick at the remains of warriors that have fallen on battle grounds.

The Raven As Animal Totem

The Raven is sometimes referred to as the “Keeper of Secrets.” Like all birds, it is a messenger between the heavens and the earth. This animal totem encourages us to dive deeper in ourselves and look within to find the answers and achieve a much-needed change. Several times, however, these messages may be difficult to unravel. Being a Raven, we are able to grow and become our best self every time we soar over the hurdles and obstacles along the way.

The Raven is a symbol of holding a conspiracy with the Universe along with all of the magic that it holds. It has a penchant for collecting any objects that are shiny and treat them like its own tools of divination.

Do you like solving puzzles? Then you must be a Raven since it’s known for being intelligent and having the ability to learn quickly and applying this knowledge to solve difficult challenges.

While a Raven may be similar to the Crow, he is definitely unique. Compared to the Crow, the Raven is larger and possesses a deep full-throated croak. His sudden and surprising appearance would always command your attention.

The Raven As An Astrology And Zodiac Symbol

The Raven is depicted in the Native American zodiac as the type that prefers the company of other Ravens. They are not really good in going solo and they consistently seek out a Murder (name for a group of Ravens) to hang out with.

As a horoscope sign, the Raven is seen as mystical, clever and intelligent. People under the Raven sign are charming, idealistic and peace loving. They seek for harmony in the community and avoid any form of inconsistency and uncertainty.



Raven Dreams

Seeing a Raven in your dream means you can expect changes to occur in your life. This can be a symbol for something that is bound to end such as a harmful phase or habit in your life. When your dream shows a Raven stealing food from others or eating away at carrion, it could mean that someone in your life is using your bad luck or an unfortunate life event to his advantage.

The Raven is a keeper and guardian of secrets. When you dream of the Raven, pay attention to your fears.

Sometimes, the Raven can symbolize an end or a death. This can be assumed when you see the Raven in your dream as feeding on a carrion or when its feathers are preening which is a symbol of rebirth.

The Raven Personality’s Career

Raven people are perfect for careers that focus on equity and justice. They have the ability to talk to a huge variety of people. They like to establish communication that is open and honest. At work, Raven is never seen as a loner. Having said that, opting for self-employment by a Raven will always be unthinkable.

Raven has the natural desire of wanting people to like them. However, they should be cautious not to overdo it particularly in group work settings. Here, they have the tendency to put down a flawlessly good idea and approve someone else’s.  

Raven is symbolized as a messenger which makes them a good fit for any job in communications.

Symbolic And Character Meaning

Here is a quick word list to give an overview of the Raven’s symbolic and character meaning.

1. unconventional
2. unpredictable
3. intelligent
4. insightful
5. mysterious
6. intuitive
7. authentic
8. creative
9. truthful
10. curious
11. knowing
12. brassy
13. vocal
14. divination
15. psychic
16. messenger
17. transformational
18. courageous
19. self-realized
20. introspective
21. magical


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