Animal Totems: Snake

Snakes are powerfully associated to primal energy and life force. Many different cultures revered the Snake as a powerful animal totem that represent the source of life. Meeting the Snake spirit animal in your life would mean the manifestation of increased energy, important transitions, change and healing opportunities.

Meaning Of The Snake

Many would associate the Snake to the Earth’s most primal energy as well as to the force of creation because of the way it moves along the ground. Moreover, the Snake’s Earth element aspect reminds us to always keep our foot on the ground even in the midst of exploring Spiritual gains.

One underlying theme in the Snake symbolism and meaning is personal growth. Compared to other animals, Snakes are the only ones that shed their skin as they grow. We can use this notion to ask ourselves, “What do we need to shake off or remove from ourselves in order to expand our horizons and discover more opportunities?”

The Snake As Animal Totem

People who are born with a Snake as their animal totem are constantly striving to change themselves or the surrounding circumstances. While in the middle of doing all these efforts, they are also seen as having the ability to be contented while basking under the sunshine of life. However, they would usually strike out when they are startled or feel like they are in danger or someone they know is in danger.

If you have the Snake as an animal totem, you have the natural ability to balance energies which makes you a gifted healer. You are impulsive yet you act and decide with careful consideration. You are dynamically intuitive since you have the ability to know other people’s thoughts and emotional states even when you’re not trying. Lastly, you are diplomatic and eloquent in areas such as writing and speech. 

The Snake As An Astrology And Zodiac Symbol

People born under the sign of the Snake are intuitive and mysterious. They are the epitome of transformation. Snake people thrive on praise and constantly aim for satisfaction. They require a strong sense of self-discipline and will power for them to control their harsh natures.

Snake Dreams

Seeing a Snake in our dreams often deal with our mind’s subconscious part which keeps a lot of dynamic information that we would otherwise hide from ourselves. While dreaming, the Snake may unravel struggles or issues that you have overlooked and should therefore be identified to help you move forward. Several other meanings of seeing a Snake in dreams are situational in nature. One example is when we get bitten by a Snake which could mean that we are exposing ourselves to a situation that is rather toxic.   


The Snake Personality’s Career

Snake people are not fussy when it comes to choosing a career. With their cold blooded personalities, people with the Snake as their animal totem perform best when they are given kindness and warmth. They will accept almost any job so long as they feel secure. On the other hand, Snakes can live up to their reputation and show disloyalty once they feel like being mistrusted. As a result, they are often assigned with menial jobs as unskilled labor worker or fast-food crew.

Careers and hobbies that are suitable for the Snake personality include astrology, debating, sculpture, swimming, philosophy, food industry, psychoanalyst, artist, and writer.

Symbolic And Character Meaning

Here is a quick word list to give an overview of the Snake’s symbolic and character meaning.

1. wisdom
2. initiation
3. transformation
3. rebirth
4. shrewdness
5. primal energy
6. impulsive
7. duality
8. occult knowledge (hidden)
9. nervous
10. rejuvenation
11. solemnity
12. protection
13. intellect
14. healing
15. awareness
16. intuition
17. cunning
18. balance
19. eternity
20. fertility
21. patience
22. cycles
23. meticulous
24. inventive
25. sensuous
26. unemotional

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