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We would like to thank all of our customers for visiting our site and appreciate your business very much. As of 3/13/2013 will not be processing any orders. All items will be able to be viewed but the ability to purchase them is unavailable at this point in time. We will be updating the site and the products we carry. We hope to be up and running in the future. We are sorry for the inconvenience and we appreciate your patience through this transition. If they're are any questions you may have please use our contact us link above.

Snow Leopard-Silver

Snow Leopard-Silver

Silver Snow Leopard with Onyx eyes measures 1 1/4" in length.

Leopards are excellent at stalking prey. They are silent and inconspicuous hunters and are able to move in and out of situations without being seen. This invisibility allows them to observe every situation they encounter with clarity. Leopard medicine people have strong intuitive abilities. Learning to trust and respond to their inner instincts is part of their life lesson. They are also highly sensitive and need to pay attention to what they feel and then respond accordingly. Caressing touch in various forms is important for those who hold this medicine.

Each fine hand-cast silver, bronze, and copper Totem creation that Brooke Stone crafts is jewelry with meaning. Every piece tells a story about an animal, describing the animal's place in its environment, its place in the great wheel-of-life, or its meaning to us as humans, through mythological imagery.

Because Brooke casts only once every 3-4 months, the number of pieces we can order is limited -- items that aren't in stock may take 2-3 months (ask about availability in the comments section of your order or via email), but when you get your hands on the finished product, you'll appreciate every painstaking moment she took to create such a piece of art.

Artist: Brooke Stone

By Special Order

Price Each: $325.00



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