Animal Totems: Whale

Whale, the ocean’s graceful giant, has never failed to bring a sense of awe from anyone who catches its sight. The way it breaches the water and frolic in the foam bring even the most stoic of person to a world of wonderment and delight.

Meaning Of The Whale
In order to gain an in-depth understanding of the Whale’s symbolic meaning, we need to pay homage to its environment which are the oceans of our planet. These oceans, in general, have the age-old symbolism of emotional depth. Being human, we have the ability to experience an array of emotions. Some of these emotions are found on the surface while others run deep within us. At times, we bury some of these emotions beneath the fathoms of our consciousness. These are the leviathans of our being which we try hard to conceal and prevent from being seen on the surface.

The Whale As Animal Totem

People who have the Whale as their animal totem are excellent with doing refined communication over long distances which is similar to how whales would communicate while being under water. Most of the time, this form of communication is centered on the person’s inner circle since Whales have strong family ties and honor it strongly. Friends and loved ones depend on the Whale for the truth.

As a Whale, you thrive in swimming in an ocean of collective unconsciousness and cosmic awareness. You have the ability to navigate between these spheres and become the bridge.

However, you should be cautious enough of the fact that you can be naturally tempted in spending more time in other worlds. Therefore, you have to be constantly reminded about returning from the other side of the ocean into your own world which is the world of reality.  

The Whale As An Astrology And Zodiac Symbol

People who are born under the zodiac sign of Whale are proud, adventurous and optimistic. They possess quite a momentum that needs a huge amount of effort to slow down. Just like the animal, they are free spirited and like to go where they want and when they want to. They are also surprisingly powerful, quick and loud.

Whale Dreams

Dreams about Whales would usually indicate an upcoming change that is bound to occur. It is often said that the Whale Spirit can strive to shake your foundations in order for you to start and build anew. Seeing whales in our dreams also show our unconscious self and how our intuition seem to be expanding. 

The Whale Personality’s Career

When it comes to career or profession, Whales have a general philosophy in life which is a lot different compared to what others believe in. They find it difficult to narrow down a certain area of interest because they long to experience a lot of different things. They constantly seek for excitement and have the unique drive to always put their best foot forward just for the sole reason of finding out if they’re up for the challenge.

Whales should seek for careers that would allow them to follow their hearts’ desires. These include designers, comedians, trainers, professional fighters, fisherman, deep sea divers, sports agents, accountants, lawyers, social advocates, promoters, advertisers, entertainers, tour guides, and journalists among others. Any other profession that encourages a rewarding experience to master and a natural sense of confidence is always deemed as tremendously uplifting to the Whale’s soul.

Symbolic And Character Meaning

Here is a quick word list to give an overview of the Whale’s symbolic and character meaning.

1. communication
2. navigator
3. nurturing
4. deeper awareness
5. kindness
6. intelligence
7. provider
8. wisdom
9. balance
10. devotion
11. appreciation for beauty
12. emotional rebirth and understanding
13. cosmic consciousness
14. conservation

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